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Heavenly Core Waist Trainers

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This beautiful heavy duty double steel boned Core Waist Trainers will carve your mid section to perfection. From the second you put this on, your waist dramatically shrinks, and if you want it even smaller, the gorgeous fit at the back allows you to tie it as tight as you want! The eye catching design can go with any kind of outfit....spice it up with a lingerie set or wear it on a night out over a dress, however you choose this corset is real show stopper! We encourage you to buy core waist trainers in Australia at affordable pricing from us.

Added benefits - Suppresses appetite Carves an hourglass figure


Models wear size S

FAQ for Waist Trainer Corset

What is the cost of a Core waist trainer?

Although we have different waist trainer corsets with special pricing, S model wear size's core trainers are available at Rs. $110.

some other pricing modules:

  • Core Waist Trainers - $110
  • Waist Cincher - $90
  • Sports Waist Trainer - $90
  • Sweat Waist Trainer - $110
  • Noir Waist Trainer - $90

Will you charge for shipping?

 A BIG NO. There is no additional cost you need to pay for shipping in Australia.

Is there any return policy?

Yes, we strictly follow a 7-day return policy.